Friday, February 10, 2012

Double Door Hall Tree

Last month we featured Sabrina's bedroom, which she creatively made her own with an old door headboard, bench, and full-length mirror.  If you haven't already, check out the post here...  Sabrina's a-Door-able bedroom

As promised in the post's another great project using doors (who doesn't love an old, beat up door?).  This double door hall tree is so fun and charming and makes the perfect addition to Nicole's entryway.

Nicole and Amanda spotted these two gems at a local antique store almost a year

We've been drooling over them ever since. 

Finally, Nicole came up with the perfect idea for them.

Her entryway was lacking a catchall - a place to hang coats, store that stuff that always seems to pile up at the front door, and to set her almost two year old down when tying his shoes.  After figuring out her design and finding some great hardware, she asked The Briarwood to construct and paint it.  You MUST check out The Briarwood - Sullivan, IL (and Once Upon A Find) is lucky to have them!  

It didn't take David (from The Briarwood) long to turn Nicole's antique store finds into this awesome hall tree.  The doors were attached (hinge sides together, so the knobs would be at each end), a shelf was added at the top, and a storage bench was constructed around the bottom.

Next came paint (a gorgeous taupe color and a clear coat) and hardware.


Nicole found the perfect hardware at Hobby Lobby (for $1.50 each...sweet!).  They have just enough touch of vintage to pair well with the old doors.

And check out that storage!

Nicole can't wait to put this thing to good use!  With her busy life, we're sure she will!

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  1. How do u keep the doors together we want to build one but the doors are heavy how do we keep them together