About Us

So, who are these crafty ladies behind Once Upon A Find.  Nicole, Sabrina and Amanda are three friends (well, actually Nicole and Amanda are sisters - but friends too) who love decorating and turning something old into something new again.  We love scoping out flea markets, thrift shops, and dollar stores to see what can be found to inspire our thrifty creations.  All three of us have some pretty amazing, crafty people in our lives as well.  Nicole and Amanda grew up with a family that's thought of Saturday fun was redecorating and rearranging the living room (or any room in the house).  Their family is full of creative women who have done everything from wedding planning to interior decorating.  They get their craftiness naturally.  Nicole is lucky enough to have married into a pretty crafty family as well; her mother-in-law, Candy, shows how talented she is through her adorable creations (be on the look out for some of Candy's craftiness).  Sabrina also grew up with a pretty crafty family, not only the women (her grandma is a craft-queen), but the men too.  Her grandpa, dad, and now husband, with their use of muscle and power tools, help her ideas come to life.  She comes up with some pretty amazing stuff.  Her grandparents joke that whenever Sabrina calls, they always wonder what project she's come up with next.  We're so excited to be sharing our ideas with our readers and are looking forward to what's in store for Once Upon A Find.