Friday, January 27, 2012

Sabrina's a-DOOR-able bedroom

Sabrina's bedroom is absolutely a-door-able!  Instead of  buying expensive, new bedroom furniture, she found some awesome old doors to use for her headboard, a bench for the foot of her bed, and a full-length mirror.  The headboard was what started it all.  After a coat of paint and some distressing, this over one-hundred year old door was transformed into the focal point of the room...and it lent itself as an inspiration for the rest of the space.  The bench was an idea that Sabrina came up with and designed.  With a little woodworking help from her grandpa and husband, her vision was complete - this bench serves as a perfect footboard that finishes the look of her bed.  The mirror was another one of Sabrina's crafty ideas.  She knew she wanted a full-length mirror, but couldn't find a bargain that fit her style.  Sticking with the door theme, she found an inexpensive mirror, and with help from her dad, she framed it with weathered wood and added hardware to make it resemble a door.  This ended up being a very simple and inexpensive project! 

Visit us again soon for another a-DOOR-able project in the works.

Insterested in any of these finds?  Let us know...we're all about recreating our favorite finds for you!

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